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December Blog

As the year draws to a close, it’s a good opportunity to reflect upon the past year and set our vision and hopes for 2021. Who could have imagined that the news coming from China during November & December 2019 was to impact upon the whole world in a space of a few weeks, with the first UK reported case reported on the 31st January 2020? The infected pair had recently travelled to the UK from China and been staying in a hotel in Yorkshire. This event probably changed the way that we live and work for many years to come. The impact upon families, businesses, the NHS, and all organisations are almost beyond comprehension. Going forward, a vaccine or vaccines appear to be the only solution to the pandemic, and we do hope that they can be quickly made available across the world. It is hard to imagine anything positive can come from the pandemic but perhaps it’s a reminder not to take how we live and work for granted and to maintaining high standards of personal hygiene along with hands, face, and space!

Our team, learners, awarding bodies and business partners have all worked hard throughout 2020 to ensure continual learner achievement and success. We’ve all needed to respond to change, adopt to new working practices, be flexible, work from home and quickly learn how to use zoom and MS-teams and more. The advancement of remote learning with exam at home via remote invigilation is now here to stay and creates opportunities for truly individual learning plans with exams now available at any time or place. We are really excited to be rolling out this initiative further for 2021 to include the following courses, HACCP, Food Safety & Hygiene, Health & Safety, Health & Safety in a Construction Environment, First Aid, Award for Personal Licence Holders, Award in Education & Training and more.

During the pandemic year, we’ve updated our website, worked on twitter and Facebook postings, renewed, and refreshed the training centre and tried to maintain contact with as many existing customer and learners as possible. We have experienced business and personal highs and lows, and we look forward with anticipation and hope for a calmer and brighter 2021.

Finally, and from us all here at Pure Training Solutions, thank you for taking the time to show an interest in our activities and we wish you all a Happy Christmas with Best Wishes and Good Health for the New Year.

The centre shall close for the Christmas break from Monday 21st December until Monday 4th January 2021.

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