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Information, Advice and Guidance @ Pure Training Solutions 

Thank you for selection Pure Training Solutions. Before commencing any new training, it’s important to ensure that learners receive accurate pre and course information to include; course title, duration, cost, tittle of awarding body, course content, information relating to assessments and exams, complaints procedures, id requirements, any specific IT requirements and or level of ability and most importantly, impartially answer any questions that learners may have.   


We appreciate that on occasions, learners are placed onto courses by employers and sometimes, may not have receive the course details from the employer before arriving at the training centre to enrol. When attending the training centre, we ask for compliance with all health, safety, and hygiene procedures. Prior to the course commencing, the course tutor shall explain the course content and any other relevant details. A short pre course questionnaire is completed prior to commencing the course to help identify any previous training and qualifications.


Once the necessary checks have been completed, the enrolment completed. If for any reason the course is not suitable, our tutors shall make alternative course suggestions. For learners without a valid passport or driving licence, it may not be possible to enrol due to regulatory requirements. 

Enrolling onto a course:  

From short 1-day courses to longer courses, our team shall explain the enrolment process and ensure that the course is the correct level and subject, according to individual needs. We provide impartial information, advice and guidance and it may be that on occasions our advice is to contact an alternative training provider because we may be unable to deliver the most suitable course for your requirements. Wherever possible, we shall provide a point of contact from within an alternative training provider and or telephone or website link.

To discuss your training requirements: 

Please contact Pure Training Solutions by telephone or email to arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements. Due to Covid-19 all initial enquiries are discussed over the telephone or answered via email.

Business Hours: 

Normal business hours are as follows:   

Monday to Friday 09:00 – 17:00 (Hours may occasionally change)  


Contact Details:

Pure Training Solutions, 1 Enterprise Way, Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire, YO16 4SF

Telephone: 01262 424368


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