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Covid-19 and safer learning, the story so far!

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Covid-19 has certainly changed how we plan, design, and deliver our courses but with hindsight, perhaps of recent years some complacency has been allowed to occur.

Here at the training centre and when delivering courses in house, we’ve raised our standards of classroom safety & hygiene with attendees favourably commenting upon being provided with social distancing of not less than 2 meters, individual desks, disposable seat covers, single use pens, pencils and stationery, individual refreshment trays, pre course health questionnaires, temperature checks of staff and attendees, extra hand sanitising stations and supplies of PPE where required or requested by staff and course attendees.

Our daily cleaning and sanitising routine ensure that all door handles and surfaces are kept clean and sanitised by using products that comply with BS EN 1276. We shall keep our safe learning safety and hygiene procedures under review in line with Government, Health and Safety, Food Safety and Hygiene and Regulations, with a bit of common sense mixed in for extra measures!

Lots of spacing in the classroom with all courses for a maximum of 4 attendees

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