Providing Safe, Socially Distanced Training Version 3 – 1st August 2020

This is a live document and shall be updated whenever new evidence or guidance comes to light in this fast- moving situation


  1. The training centre has reduced the number of attendees to 4 per course  

  2. Upon arrival and with the attendee’s permission, each attendee shall be screened. Anybody exhibiting respiratory COVID-19 symptoms which are a new continuous cough and/or a temperature >37.8 °C shall be denied access and advised to follow the department of health guidance. (The temperature check shall be non-invasive by infrared thermometer and will check the forehead temperature)     

  3. Each attendee shall complete a health questionnaire to identify any potential contact with COVID-19 through travel, business, family, or personal circumstances     

  4. Each attendee is provided with their own front facing desk, spaced not less than 2.5 meters apart within marked floor space zones

  5. Prior to the commencement of each course, attendees shall be shown a video on how COVID-19 spreads and how to wash their hands

  6. Hand sanitising points are provided at each entry point, meeting room and public areas

  7. Additional mid-day cleaning and sanitising for all public spaces    

  8. CE standard face masks and gloves are provided to attendees participating in practical activities or where required to be worn (To be kept under review in line with government guidance)

  9. Wherever possible and appropriate, the course durations have been reduced to enable a reduction in attendee contact time      

  10. Each attendee is provided with their own single use stationary, pen, pencil, and where appropriate pre sanitised laptop computer. All food and drink items are pre-packed and intended for individual attendee use 

  11. Staff and attendees shall be supervised to ensure that everybody adheres to the preventative Covid-19 safety and hygiene procedures

  12. For First Aid, Conflict Management and Physical Intervention training, additional safety & hygiene procedures have been implemented 

Company based In - House Training

For In house training we shall work with our customers and adhere to their company policies and procedures to ensure the safety and lowest risk delivery of training. Where classroom based courses are assessed as a too higher risk or are not suitable under the current COVID-19 circumstances, we have an extensive range of accredited courses that are available on line that include on line exams to be taken at work or home.


In uncertain times, it is natural to be a bit apprehensive. We would love to hear from our customers and learn of their or their staff concerns before attending any training. We may not have all the answers, but a conversation is usually a good starting point. Please call Adrian or Samantha on 01262 424368 to discuss any concerns